Unobtrusive, relaxed, safety and security

Our aim is to provide as relaxed an environment as possible, keeping our rules and regulations to a minimum, while ensuring our homes are safe and secure.

Safety is a high priority across all our homes and we not only meet but frequently exceed the standards and guidelines in this important area. All homes have a fully approved fire alarm system with detectors in all rooms, self-closing fire doors, regular fire drills and weekly tests. We have contracts in place with major suppliers so that electrical wiring, electrical appliances, gas appliances, lifts, lifting equipment, fire alarm system, emergency lights, fire extinguishers and nurse call systems are regularly serviced and tested.

We also conduct our own comprehensive set of weekly and monthly tests and checks and carry out a thorough set of risk assessments, to ensure any risks to health and safety are identified and dealt with quickly. Our nurse call system is installed in all rooms, allowing residents access to immediate assistance if it is required. We regularly test for risk of Legionella and have stringent infection control procedures in place. There is usually a certified first-aider on duty. Our health and safety policies are always under review and we ensure that new and emerging issues within this area are met and addressed quickly across all our homes.

While we are happy for residents and visitors to come and go as they choose, asking only that you consider other residents and their families, all visitors are signed in when they arrive. Leading edge technology is used in certain circumstances, with your agreement, to help reduce the risks for residents with advanced dementia, who may be unsafe if they wander. In this way we create a relaxed and informal ambience, whilst ensuring that residents are safe and secure.